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About CLS Publications

Calvin Smith has worked in higher education as a lecturer, tutor and researcher for more than 30 years. He has degrees in languages and history (including a doctoral degree), publishes professionally and speaks widely in the areas of history, culture and politics.

He has resided in several countries and travels extensively for work—including leading international tours and study groups—and leisure. As well as travel, his interests include photography, languages, technology, gastronomy and reading espionage thrillers.

CLS Publications is the imprint for the author’s travel and popular writings.

For over half a century I’ve visited many places and seen some truly amazing things. It has been an immense privilege. I write for a living so it seemed logical to move into travel writing.

I’m particularly fascinated by micro-states, enclaves, other quirks of history and lesser-known destinations. My first travel book is all about Andorra (available at Amazon) and the next title explores the Catalonian province of Girona. A key aspect of my writing is moving beyond standard tourist content to focus strongly upon a destination’s history, culture and people. Also, I only write about places I know really well.

Aside from highlighting my books this site is about providing visitors with travel information and comment written in a light style with the odd touch of humour (for me a nice change from dusty academic writing). I hope readers find it useful and occasionally a bit jolly.

Calvin Smith

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