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Book Extract: Suggested Excursion in Andorra and Spain

The Discover Charming Andorra book explores the geography, history and culture of the principality as well as detailing must-see sites and travel tips. The guide also includes various half and full-day excursion ideas with different options, allowing visitors to maximise their time in Andorra. Here is one of the excursions from the book.

EXCURSION 1: Southern Andorra, Spain and Shopping

Drive to St Julià de Lòria and then take the scenic road (Ctra. la Rabassa) towards Naturland. Continue past the outdoor activities site until you reach Ctra. La Peguera and follow the road through a series of hairpin bends and lovely views until you reach the village of Aixirivall and back to Sant Julià de Lòria. Park up in the quaint town for some shopping and a coffee. (Total 2 hours)

Head towards the Spanish border and stop briefly to view La Margineda bridge on the CG-1. Then take the CG-6 which is a little further south towards the village of Bixessari and cross the unmanned country road border into Spain. Continue for a few minutes until you reach the Spanish village of Os de Civis where there are several places to have lunch (45 minutes + lunch).

La Margineda Bridge

Return to the CG-1 in Andorra and drive across the border to La Seu d’Urgell in Spain. Park near the Plaça Catalunya and stroll down to the tree-covered Passeig de Joan Brudieu for drinks and tapas. (45 minutes + tapas).

If you want a longer day, after your stop in La Seu d’Urgell follow the N260 east and at Adrall turn onto the C14 to follow the Segre river as it widens and heads towards Tarrega. There are some spectacular views of the river and reservoir. You will need a couple of hours for this section to get there and back.

Upon your return to Andorra take some time to visit the newly refurbished Epizen shopping centre and/or the River Centre Comercial.

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