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Some Footage of the Jetty, Broadstairs (Kent, England)

It’s easy when when one travels abroad a lot to forget what your own country has to offer. And yet I live in a town—Broadstairs—which is a major pull for tourists from all over the UK. So here’s a short video from the jetty, Broadstairs.

Aside from lovely coastline and beaches, great weather (that southeast corner of the UK always seems to have higher temperatures in the weather reports), there is plenty to do and see throughout the year… Folk Week, the Dickens Festival (Charles Dickens liked to holiday here), food festivals, it’s a busy little place.

Figurehead of Scotsman retrieved from a wreck

Anyway, I thought I’d quickly make a short video from the jetty this morning for the new YouTube channel (you can subscribe to it @clspublications – lots still to upload but it will grow… video clips are divided by country for easy navigation). I won’t post all future videos here as that’s what the channel is for, but here is a short video to help kick it off.

When I moved down here I read that there was a jetty in Tudor times, the remains of which apparently continue to survive under the current structure. You will also see Bleak House where Dickens holidayed, as well as the old barracks which received the first signal with news of victory at Waterloo.

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