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The Man Who Would Be King of Andorra

The following is a brief extract from the historical chapter of Discover Charming Andorra about the man who would be King of Andorra:

In 1933 there was civil unrest in Andorra over a desire for greater democratic participation and accountability in the country, which led to a brief French occupation. The following year a Russian adventurer—Boris Skossyreff, who claimed to be of European aristocracy—sought the principality for himself and styled himself King Boris I of Andorra. However, he was quickly removed and deposed by the Spanish authorities. Skossyreff is an interesting, somewhat complex character during a strange time in European history and one day I plan to write more about him.

Discover Charming Andorra: A Country and Travel Guide
Boris Skossyreff in 1934

Recently, while delving further into this fascinating individual I came across a rather interesting video all about Boris Skossyreff, not just his attempt at becoming King of Andorra but also other aspects of his colourful life. If interested in knowing more about him the video is well worth viewing. The project hosting the video originally started off at MIT as a collective documentation project for biographies. I also found this useful webpage on ‘King Boris I of Andorra’.

I still want to write something detailed one day about Skossyreff, we’ll see. But for those interested in King Boris there is already plenty of interesting snippets of material scattered about the Internet.

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