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Update on the New Girona Book

As readers of this blog know I’m currently working on a new Girona book exploring this splendid Catalonian province.

I’ve been asked various times when this is going to be released as the original plan was to publish the new book sometime in April. Unfortunately my higher education job has taken up much of my time of late. Throughout April and early May I was swamped with loads of marking of students’ work which, together with several other pressing issues, really slowed me down for a while.

However, I’m now free of it all and back up to speed and writing daily and expect to have the Girona book finished by early June. Actually it is shaping nicely and will be a more detailed book than I originally planned but I’m excited about its contents. So watch this space for details of its release. As with the Discover Charming Andorra book it will be made available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook, paperback and hardback formats.

One other thing. The title of the new book has been changed slightly to Discover Splendid Girona Province so prospective buyers don’t think it is simply a book about the city of Girona. The book covers much, much more.

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