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Hobbyists and enthusiasts are often warned that developing their passion into a new job or career can destroy their love for what once brought joy and pleasure. I knew someone who loved motorboats. He explained his greatest mistake in life was to turn that passion into a new career buying and selling boats and marine equipment, declaring, “I hate boats now. Can’t stand the sight of them”.

I have spent much of my working life teaching in higher education which has involved substantial overseas travel. It has also involved a great deal of writing (academic books, articles, reports, research papers, course manuals, literature reviews, opinion pieces etc etc etc). The writing has not always been particularly enjoyable. Pressure, deadlines, writing in areas out of necessity rather than for pleasure, pitching pieces to achieve specific results or being told which audience to address can make writing a chore.

Recently I began writing independently away from work, taking all that travel, together with the writing skills, knowledge and experience developed over the years to write about things that interest me. So instead of turning one’s pastime into a career I suppose it is drawing on a career to forge a new passion.

Last month I finished writing a country and travel guide about the tiny principality of Andorra (a place I know intimately and enjoy visiting immensely). Writing it was most enjoyable. There were no deadlines, academic parameters or requirement to write in a dusty style. The book is written in a breezy style aimed at sharing my passion for Andorra with others. I was delighted when the book sold some copies which motivated me to write about other places and issues.

So I am delighted to launch this platform to share about my writings with others with similar interests and passions. Initially this imprint will focus on destination and travel books, particularly those places I return to over and again and know intimately. The imprint may also expand to other genres in time (as an avid reader of espionage thrillers I know there’s a novel there somewhere waiting to get out!).

Welcome, then, to the site. The Andorra book is now available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback and a second will be published by the end of March. I will be adding others, blogging occasionally and posting images of the destinations on Instagram. So if you are seeking detailed knowledge about a destination, its history, culture, economy and people, together with travel advice and excursion ideas, all written in a light and sometimes humorous style, keep an eye on what is published here. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But I know there are people out there who share some of the same passions and interests.

Maybe download a copy of Discover Charming Andorra: A Country and Travel Guide. It will give you a flavour of my style and more of what is to come. Also, drop me a line with your feedback and ideas for future publications. And finally, thank you for reading this far. In a busy world dominated by social media and a declining attention span there aren’t many of us left for the longer read.

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